Croissant or Pain au chocolat/raisin/muffins or scones

Toasted ciabatta with butter & preserves

Grilled croissant with emmental or Emmental & ham

Selection of Danish Pastries

Organic muesli with yoghurt & fresh fruit

Halloumi Cheese (in pita bread served grilled with tomato & olives)

Scrambled & toasted ciabatta, with salmon or bacon

Smoked salmon, toasted bagel, cream cheese & chives

Egg Benedict, served with spinach, salmon & toasted muffins

Full English - bacon, eggs, organic sausage, mushrooms & grilled tomato


Simple Sandwiches
(on home made granary bread or baguette served with crisps)

Cheddar cheese, tomato & lettuce

Smoked Salmon & cream cheese

Tuna, mayo, red onion & peppers

Honey roast ham, mustard, mayo & tomato\Smoked bacon,

lettuce, mayo & tomato


Mediterranean Sandwiches
(all served with salad on homemade ciabatta)

Mozzarella, grilled aubergine, basil pesto & tomato

Parma ham, emmental & rocket

Goat cheese, grilled aubergine, spinach & grilled peppers

Emmental, artichoke & sun dried tomato

House Specialties

Pasta of the day, served with salad

Vegetarian or Meat Lasagne oven-baked served with salad

Tortilla melts with mozzarella, grilled peppers, black olives & mango salsa, served with salad

Marinated chicken, tortilla with cucumber, spring onion & sweet chill sauce, served with salad

Marinated chicken breast with hummus & balsamic onion on focaccia bread, served with salad

Meat moussaka with aubergines, onions, chickpeas, lamb cubes cooked in tomato sauce served with rice


Platters & Mains

Lamb Kofta burger, with french fries & sumac salad on sesame bun

Chicken burger, with french fries & sumac salad on sesame bun

Vegetarian Dish of hummus, tabbouleh, vine leaves, spicy potatoes, falafel & grilled Lebanese bread

Meat Dish with selection of moutabal, tabbouleh, vine leaves, spicy potatoes, marinated chicken & grilled Lebanese bread

Lamb or Chicken Shawarma with tabouleh and rice

Chicken escalope served with french fries



Feta cheese, olives, tomato, cucumber, red onion, wild oregano with pita

Goat cheese & vegetables grilled, spinach leaves, pine nuts & balsamic vinegar (with toasted bagel)

Stilton cheese salad with rocket, beetroot, apple & walnuts (with toasted bagel)

Mozzarella, tomato and grilled vegetables

Marinated chicken with couscous, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes & vegetables

Chicken Salad - grilled chicken breast, mixed leaves, rocket, tomatoes and peppers

Cold and Hot Mezze

Large selection of cold and hot mezze served with grilled Lebanese bread

Soup of the day


Warm Wraps with Salad

Falafel, tomato, pickles, parsley & tahina

Lamb or chicken Shawarma

Spicy Sausages sauteed in lemon & pomegranate sauce

Spicy Potatoes with garlic, chill, coriander & olive oil

Marinated chicken, hummus, pickles & salad


Plates of Olives

Vermicelli rice

Side Salad

French fries

Garlic, Tahini, Chili Sauce



Selection of miniature traditional Lebanese pastries filled with nuts & syrup

Dates & Pistachio Maamoul

Freshly prepared cakes

Selection of ice cream